About Us

Signage in our community!

Miracles and Memories Academy started in 2018. The academy had its start in our founder’s, Tinna Pamanian, experiences as a paraeducator in the Monroe School District. Parents asked for help in locating or even providing afterschool care. The availability of such resources was very limited. There were also parents with special needs children desperately needing a break. That did not include the parents of children who had aged out of schooling and other support. Where previously the individual could go to school, be social and learn there was now nothing.

Miracles and Memories Academy aims to solve all of these problems. They provide care, predominantly for adults between 21 and 40 years old (also provides before and after school care to K-12 students and care when schools are closed). Parents get a break to work out, run errands or just relax. The clients get to socialize, keep on learning and planning life goals.

The Academy is a recognized nonprofit and community support has been and continues to be instrumental in continuing our operations.

You can read more about our opening and community background in this Tribune Article.